The importance of creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere is becoming an increasingly obvious need that is increasing in popularity worldwide.Our homes are slowly turning into private little retreats and breathing holes. The choice of earthy colour tones in our collections creates a natural harmony, and gives the feeling of being in and living close to nature. Conscious design choices, recycled, and natural materials that age and mature beautifully over time, are the basis of the range in The Interior.

We pride ourselves on working with a supplier who has over 500 local women with rich experience in manufacturing handicraft baskets. Their skill and workmanship is truly an art form! The local artisans choose to continue in their mother and grandmother’s footsteps and are preserving Vietnamese traditional crafts. Each handcrafted piece reflects the spirit of the artisan creating it and their passion for traditional weaving handicrafts. Creating a handmade product brings not only support to their family, but also a way to tell a story and communicate culture and heritage. With admiration and respect we hope to promote their journey to contribute in keeping these rich traditions alive and continue growing with the artisans.