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The Interior by Wikholmform

The importance of creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere is increasingly becoming a tangible need that is increasing worldwide. Our homes are slowly turning into private little retreats and breathing holes. The choice of natural and long-lasting materials in our furniture and interior accessories that we place in our homes plays an increasingly important role in our well-being.  With earthy tones in the collections, conscious timeless design choices, recycled and natural materials that age and wear beautifully over time, a holistic approach and harmony are formed in the range that gives the feeling of being in and living close to nature in all its beautiful perfection.

The brand was created from an ambition to contribute to a more climate-smart and long-term thinking when it comes to product development & product development.  The idea of the brand is to move as far as possible towards a production where we produce small-scale, close to the manufacturer, closer to the customer and with natural, degradable and recyclable materials.  Create products that are beyond fashion and feel just as nice to have at home well into the future. In other words, durable products for the home. Everything from furniture, lighting, home textiles, wood products, organic glass, ceramics & fragrances etc.


We are not quite there yet but this is the path we have chosen to explore and develop further together with our suppliers. We care about working with those who are local small entrepreneurs who possess solid old craftsmanship or have the ambition to take advantage of materials that are recycled, and live in small communities.  Together we want to work for sustainable product development in the future. We prefer to work with materials such as cotton, flax, jute, various cultivated woods, organic glass & metal. Products that have materials that can be recycled in one way or another.

The next time you hold a product from The Interior by Wikholmform, it is probably something that is made from natural, cultivated, recycled or recyclable materials.

2022/2023 The Interior

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